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Shaping Today's Forests with the Technology of Tomorrow
He rangahau tenei ra he hangarau apopo 

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Forestry Innovation
Interpine offers a range of services tailored to suit your needs


Interpine is a forest consulting and data management company specialising in information technology and optimal decision making across the forest industry
Founded in 1983, Interpine operates throughout New Zealand with a building client base of Australian, Canadian and North & South American companies.
Forest Mensuration, Measurement, New Zealand, Rotorua, North South Island, Bay of Plenty, Inventory, 
Emissions trading scheme, ETS, PLI, Pruned Log Index, Carbon, Log Scaling, Silviculture QC, Quality Control, GIS, GPS, Wood Volume, Value recovery, harvest optimisation, Value Woodlot, Database information management, data collection, health, evaluation, NZU, trading, electronic capture, stumpage, timbertech, consultant, LiDAR Analysis, Forest Metrics

Latest News and Articles

FWPA Remote Sensing Project
4/04/2018 10:32:00 a.m.
​Interpine, together with the researchers involved in a current FWPA funded remote sensing project have published a video of the...

Make a Difference with Technology
3/04/2018 10:46:00 a.m.
​#see, #measure, and #monitor #forest #wood #chip #piles as they grown & shrink with #Drones / #UAV and #Photogrammetry#technology. Remember making a difference with technology is more important than the technology itself. There...

UAV and Harvesting Operations
30/03/2018 10:54:00 a.m.
​Our #uav team improving value recovery from #forest #harvestingoperations using Esri #fullmotionvideo technology in field studies with DJI #drones. Showing the industry new ways to do previously difficult...

Digitaltech Uptake Improving the Primary Sector > MobileTECH 2018
29/03/2018 11:05:00 a.m.
​Our GM David Herries gave a practitioners view as a key note speaker this week at the primary sectors #MobileTECH2018 conference in Rotorua,...

Harvesting Systems Training for STICKS in Canada
23/03/2018 11:24:00 a.m.
​Its not (just) about the processor.  Our #STICKS #harvester #woodflowmanagement system now making a splash in #forest harvest in British Columbia #Canada by allowing for better value extraction...

Tree Nursery Counts using UAV / Drones
23/03/2018 11:08:00 a.m.
Millions of #tree #nursery seedlings counted using our #Drone / #UAV based #inventory. #remotesensing technology helping to keep an eye on the New Zealand vision of "one billion trees target...

UAV Training Course - March 2018
14/03/2018 12:01:00 p.m.
​Our #UAV #Drone team working alongside Massey University School of Aviation has recently completed training and certification of another 12 #foresters from throughout NZ whom are taking...

A Visit with the Minister of Forestry
14/03/2018 11:54:00 a.m.
New Zealand Minister of Forestry,Hon Shane Jones recently visited our Remote Sensing and #UAV #Drone team in #Rotorua. Sarah Pitcher-Campbell and Chris Scoggins demonstrated how innovative our industry is in...