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Interpine has a passionate team of industry professionals with a strong and unique culture which is reflected throughout our team.   Central to the success of Interpine are our people.

Mike King, Founding and Managing Director MikeKing_profile.jpg
MNZIF, Nga Puhi

As the founder of Interpine Forestry with more than three decades committed to the forest industry as an entrepreneur Mike has become a respected member of the NZ business community. In his role as Managing Director Mike specialises in process consulting, project management, organisational behaviour and business management.

phone: 021 525242
David Herries, General Manager and Forest Analyst
B.For.Sc (Hons) (NZ), MNZIF, Nga RuahineIMG_2744.JPG

David is responsible for the leadership and management of the Interpine team.  He has been with Interpine since 1999 and works closely with the "on the ground" team of professional technicians in projects throughout NZ, China, USA, Australia and Chile.   David's specialist skill sets include resource valuation, forest mensuration, log optimisation systems, and software and system development / deployment.  David leads the charge for the company on developing tailored data collection and database solutions for clients. He has been instrumental in developing Interpine’s strong reputation as an integrated measurement and database solution provider and while overseeing the day to day management of the company.

phone: 021 435623
Andy Dick, Senior ConsultantAndy_profile.jpg
M. Sci. (Hons I), NZIF Registered Forestry Consultant
Andy has broad experience including forest management, sub-tropical forestry, forest health, research and development, project management, forest valuation, tree nursery management and stumpage operations. His specialist area is log value recovery and he is a past Councillor of the NZ Institute of Forestry and a past Board member of the Logging Industry Research Organisation.
phone: 021 447513
Richard Guest, Forestry Division ManagerRichardGuest_Profile.jpg
B.Sc (Hons) Countryside Management (UK), MNZIF

Richard is responsible for managing the forestry functions of Interpine. He has over 11 years of experience working for various corporate forest companies across the Central North Island of NZ.  He has experience in managing a wide variety of forest operations including Forest Inventory, Establishment, Silviculture, Forest Health and Environmental and Restoration work.  Richard also has extensive Health and Safety management experience. 

phone: 021 435621
Peter Auge, Forest and Land ConsultantPeterAuge_profile.jpg
Dip. Forestry, B.Sc. Forestry, M.B.A.
Peter has over 25 years experience in the forest industry in Southern and Eastern Africa.  Having worked for corporate forestry companies, forestry development projects and large harvesting and transport contractors, Peter brings a wealth of international operational experience to the consulting team.  Peter carries out forest valuations and feasabilty studies for numerous Interpine clients, and has a core understanding of WoodStock estate modelling, R statistical tools and yield modelling.  Peter is also responsible for providing advice to forest owners and managers on the best ways to manage their forest.   
phone: 021 1557159
Sarah Pitcher-Campbell, Land Management & Forestry ETS ConsultantSarah_profile2.jpg
B.App.Sc (Hons) (NZ), M.App.Sc (NZ), NZIF Registered Forestry Consultant
Sarah has a Masters of Applied Science degree in Natural Resource Management and joined Interpine following roles within central and local government. These roles focused on soil conservation, advising land and forest owners on Forestry & the Emissions Trading System (ETS). At Interpine Sarah is responsible for providing Carbon Forestry (ETS & PFSI) services to clients, the provision of cloud services for forest management and land and forest mapping services (GIS).
phone: 027 4468946
Susana Gonzalez Aracil, Forest Engineer – LiDAR Science P1010300.JPG
Master program of Remote Sensing and GIS technologies (University of  Alcalá, Spain) and Forestry Engineer (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain), MNZIF

Susana has been involved in remote sensing through her studies and direct forestry experience.  She completed her Masters thesis: “The impact of plot size on LiDAR volume relationships in forest inventories” through Rotorua’s Waiariki Institute of Technology. She has had experience working in forestry and remote sensing since the commencement of her master thesis as part of her Forestry Engineer degree.  Her project “Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Classification of Very High Resolution Image Data” was completed as part of the Erasmus program in the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno (Czech Republic). Susana is part of our full-time research and
consulting team furthering her passion in remote sensing research, in particular with LiDAR.
phone: 07 345 7573 extn 722
Kaye King, Public Relations Manager / Administration Kaye_King_profile.jpg
Kaye has an extensive background in business management with specific strengths in corporate and personal accounting, systems support, reporting and communications. Kaye’s core forest sector experience includes client relationship management, financial analysis, and systems design.  Currently Kaye serves as a dedicated client relationship manager for Interpine while overseeing the firm’s financial management.

phone: 021 435620
Bruce Hill, Operations Manager IMG_3181.JPG/ Competenz Trainer & Assessor

Bruce Hill has over 30 years of experience in the forest industry and during this time has specialised in forest mensuration. Bruce is responsible for auditing, day to day management of field staff and planning and executing staff training.  He has also been involved in managing numerous off shore inventory projects for Interpine working in Brazil, USA, India and Australia.  Bruce is a recognised trainer and assessor for Competenz (industry training organisation for the forest industry in New Zealand) in inventory and scaling.  Bruce’s expertise is recognised across the industry and he is a regular external auditor in New Zealand and overseas for inventory and scaling operations.

phone: 021 435624 
Martin Lusk, Forester / Resource Analyst / Wood Quality Project Leader
IMG_3161.JPGB.Com (Forestry), MNZIF
Martin's forestry expertise comes from 15 years industry experience with involvement in forest yield assessment, electronic data capture software design, Microsoft SQL database development and administration, Microsoft SSRS report development, Microsoft Access VBA development, off-shore project management and support roles in GIS and web development.  Martin has a broad understanding of the industry as a conference attendee and regular contact between harvesting operators, sawmill owners and corporate managers.  He runs sawing and destructive tree sampling studies for Interpine and has been offering Pruned Log Index log quality assessments for the past five years.  Martin holds a degree in commerce (forestry) from Lincoln University.
phone: 021 435654
Charles Chikono, Forester / Resource Analyst / Carbon Measurement Project LeaderCharles_profile.jpg
M.For.Sc (NZ), B.Bio.Sc, MNZIF

Charles has over 16 years experience in forestry, with specific exposure to forest management, ecology, mensuration and entomology.  Charles has been involved with the LUCAS projects including Natural Forests, Soils and Planted Forest surveys since 2005.  Charles has extensive knowledge in the field assessment and data management systems used for collection of survey information.  Originally from Zimbabwe, and with a masters in Forestry Science here in New Zealand, Charles bring a unique set of skills and international experience to our team.
phone: 021 435871
Melissa Waller, Inventory Data Manager / Health and Safety AdministratorMelissa_profile.jpg

Melissa has been with Interpine since 1999.  As the Health and Safety Administrator Melissa keeps a very close eye on the safety of all employees and manages our Quality Management System of which health and safety is a component.  Melissa also overseas all our Inventory data for signoff prior to sending onto clients.     
phone: 027 2838095
Polly-Jean Playle, Consulting Administratorpolly_profile.jpg
Polly began her role at Interpine Forestry as an ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) administrator, administering holding accounts with the NZEUR (New Zealand Emission Units Register), submitting ETS applications with the MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) and further organization into FMA (Field Measurement Approach) occupations. Since then Polly has become the Consulting Administrator performing all administrative tasks for our consulting team including off shore management.

phone: 021 2426510

Patrick de Jong, Resource Analyst/Foresterpatrickdejong.jpg
B.Sc (ForSci)

Patrick has a Bachelor of Science (Forest Science) and has experience in many aspects of the New Zealand forest industry including forest inventory, silviculture, commercial Manuka plantations for honey production, agro-forestry and alternative forestry species. At Interpine, Patrick is part of the UAV services, GIS and Carbon Forestry (ETS & PFSI) teams. Patrick is also a volunteer Rural Firefighter at West Rotoiti Rural Fire Force.
Phone: 022 0256697
Wayne Baxter, Senior Mensuration Forester, Southland Regional ManagerWayneBaxterPic.jpg
B.For.Sc (Hons) (NZ)

Since graduating from Canterbury in 1986, Wayne has had a long career with the NZ Forest Service and Department of Conservation (DOC) in Canterbury, Westland, and Southland.  He has extensive experience in exotic and indigenous forest mensuration and having been involved in extensive recce 20x20 inventory survey programs throughout the Fiordland and Westland National parks where he has previously held a survey coordinator and biodiversity role for DOC.  Since 2008 Wayne has managed the Interpine Forestry Southland operations.
phone: 021 2435623
Naani Tioke, Forest Inventory Quality Assurance Manager / Competenz Trainer
Ngāi Tūhoe

Naani Tioke has over 22 years of experience in forest inventory, having started with Interpine in 1990.  Naani is responsible for auditing, and training of field staff and planning and executing work programmes.  He has also been involved in managing numerous off shore inventory projects for Interpine.  Naani is also a recognised trainer and assessor for Competenz (industry training organisation for the forest industry in New Zealand) in inventory.  Naani’s expertise has been utilised as an external auditor in New Zealand and Australia for inventory operations.

phone: 021 435648






Some of our dedicated Senior Mensuration Foresters:

Epi Rakita  

Epi has over 30 years experience in the forest industry, starting in Fiji where he was involved in the management of various programmes, plantation establishment and maintanence, log scaling and harvest planning and monitoring. Since joining Interpine in 2008, Epi has been involved in a wide range of Inventory programmes including Land Use and Carbon Analysis Surveys (LUCAS), ETS Field Measurement Approach (FMA) Sureys, and had lead several due diligence projects both on and off shore. Epi is also a member of our log scaling crews.

phone: 021 2435620


Lusio Tauvoli

Lusio has over 18 years in the forest industry, starting in Fiji where he was involved in the measurement of various inventory programmes, plantation establishment and maintenance, and harvest planning and monitoring.  Since joining Interpine in 2008, Lusio has been involved in a wide range of inventory programmes, including Land Use and Carbon Analysis Surveys (LUCAS), and ETS Field Measurement Approach (FMA) Surveys.  Lusio is based in Invercargill managing and undertaking work programmes for clients in the Southland region.

phone: 021 435649


Chris Scoggins 

Chris is a trained head chef, but after moving to New Zealand from England decided upon a change of career.  Since joining Interpine in 2012 Chris has developed a deep and broad understanding of the inventory programmes he has been involved in.  Chris helps to plan, manage and lead various plantation forest surveys, particularly for our off shore clients.
phone: 021 2468228

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Client Feedback


"The service Interpine provided us goes above and beyond what we asked of them. Our work has some unique requirements and their response to challenges encountered during the course of our work has been outstanding"

- Nigel Searles,
Planted Forests Senior Advisor, LUCAS Project,
NZ Ministry for the Environment.

"Interpine did a brilliant job for us. They worked harder than I could have expected"

-Bruce Ripley
Forester / Project Leader
Boise Cascade Corporation (USA)




"The end product (LUCAS system) is excellent and is doing exactly what it should. It has been a pleasure working with the Interpine team."

-Craig Elvidge
Senior Analyst
Ministry for the Environment - Manatu Mo Te Taiao 

"The log measurement database managed by Interpine is an excellent tool that helps the CHHWP business to maintain log quality standards, identifying issues before they impact the business"
-Karina Bohle
Fibre Supply Planner
CHH Wood Products



"We could not have done the project without the expertise of your consulting team backing up your inventory work, We don't have that type of resource available and it is great to be able to call upon your team"

-David Paul
URS Corp Australia



“The scaling functionality on the Interpine website is easy to use, with all the info you are likely to need at your fingertips.  There are many ways to display and query the database and Interpine have been very helpful creating the reports that work best for us.”

- Marika Fritzsche,
Forest Information and Trials Manager,
Timberlands Limited