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The latest news and articles from Interpine (Pānui)
April 04
FWPA Remote Sensing Project

Interpine, together with the researchers involved in a current FWPA funded remote sensing project have published a video of the recent data acquisition campaign at the Carabost State Forest P. radiata plantation in southern NSW. Teams from NSW DPI, University of Tasmania and Interpine participated in the trial. They will be working collaboratively with researchers from SCION Research and University of Sydney to assess and compare the data captured from a range of sensors and aerial and ground based platforms for extracting detailed information related to stand and tree level attributes.​

April 03
Make a Difference with Technology

#see, #measure, and #monitor #forest #wood #chip #piles as they grown & shrink with #Drones / #UAV and #Photogrammetry#technology. Remember making a difference with technology is more important than the technology itself. There are many ground breaking technological parts to making this a safe, cost effective and smart solution to the previous problem. But least we forget having supply chain staff, that change their view of a #stocktake from a number on a spreadsheet, to a visible 3D product enabling them to make more effective decisions, rather than just question it's validity.

(take another look did you see those log stacks move last month)

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March 30
UAV and Harvesting Operations

Our #uav team improving value recovery from #forest #harvestingoperations using Esri #fullmotionvideo technology in field studies with DJI #drones. Showing the industry new ways to do previously difficult and time consuming tasks.

March 29
Digitaltech Uptake Improving the Primary Sector > MobileTECH 2018

Our GM David Herries gave a practitioners view as a key note speaker this week at the primary sectors #MobileTECH2018 conference in Rotorua, NZ. Reviewing how digital technology impacts on the forestry sector and how the industry is moving forward and making progress with Forestry 4.0 initiatives. Exploring case studies of remote sensing from #Satellite, #LiDAR, and #Drones while exploring the benefits big data from harvesters combined with machine learning intelligence for better decision making and how this is having an impact on the industry.

March 23
Harvesting Systems Training for STICKS in Canada

Its not (just) about the processor.  Our #STICKS #harvester #woodflowmanagement system now making a splash in #forest harvest in British Columbia #Canada by allowing for better value extraction & woodflow for the forest company, & better productivity management for the contractor. When trusting, evolved relationships are in place, and implementation is to a sound plan, this is a game changer for forest harvest. #ForestPHD

March 23
Tree Nursery Counts using UAV / Drones
Millions of #tree #nursery seedlings counted using our #Drone / #UAV based #inventory. #remotesensing technology helping to keep an eye on the New Zealand vision of "one billion trees target in the next 10 years"


March 14
UAV Training Course - March 2018

Our #UAV #Drone team working alongside Massey University School of Aviation has recently completed training and certification of another 12 #foresters from throughout NZ whom are taking drones into their workplace to make forest operations and monitoring more efficient. Also great to have yet another member of the #RPAS team from the NZ Civil Aviation Authority coming along to gain their RPAS operators certificate. The #forestry sector is gaining a strong influence in setting a high standard of "best practice implementation" of drone technology.

"RPAS (UAV) training is key to the success of industry gaining and maintaining the benefits of this technology and the course is a must for all if we are to see long term safe adoption of these tools” Mac MacCarthy, Civil Aviation Authority RPAS Team.

If you're interested in training or getting a customized drone package specific for forestry use, get in touch with our team.

March 14
A Visit with the Minister of Forestry

New Zealand Minister of Forestry,Hon Shane Jones recently visited our Remote Sensing and #UAV #Drone team in #RotoruaSarah Pitcher-Campbell and Chris Scoggins demonstrated how innovative our industry is in the use of remote sensing technology like #LiDAR#Satellite imagery and Drones to manage and monitor our #forestry sector. Thus enabling us to take advantage of being safer, planned, and more productive. With collaborative efforts well underway towards the ambitious "one billion trees target in the next 10 years" Forestry Minister Shane Jones sees the need for these tools to identify and evaluate potential land for planting, while easing the burden of planting and quality assurance with tools like drones. One of the highlights was the move to using drones to deliver tree seedlings to the planting operations making them more productive while improving safety in steep country.​

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March 14
ForestTechX Canada

Ian Wilson, our Harvesting Performance Services Manager recently presented alongside Austimber Harvesting contractor Ian Reid and Waratah Managing Director Jules Larsen on the benefits of using forest harvester information at the recent tech transfer ForestTechX conference in Vancouver, Canada. Together they explained the value of both the data, value based log bucking optimization and Interpine's ForestPHD STICKS cloud system for harvester information reporting and woodflow management. Forest owners, contractors, log customers and mills owners got an insight into how the systems can be used to improve value recovery, productivity, harvesting contractor efficiency, all the way to better staff retention within the harvesting machine operators. With over 600 machines down downloading daily to the STICKS harvester reporting system including harvesters in Canada it was an excellent selection of presentations from practitioners across the supply chain.​

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March 10
ForestTechX - Workshop

Great day in #Vancouver #Canada with our remote sensing team leading a #workshop as part of #ForesttechX conference with rapidlasso. Providing insights into using #Lidar for enhanced #forest #inventory with #LAStoolsand Interpine’s forest yield imputation area based approach workflows using machine learning. 27 people from all around the world with delegates from #Japan #Chile #USA #Canada and #Australia attending at the University of British Columbia Malcolm Knapp Research Forest facility.

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